I highly recommend Paul Dimon & his family they took care of my sons funeral. After calling 2 other places. The 1 place which was a place we had used in the past was so horribly rude to me on the phone twice. I just knew I couldn't go through with them. I had to find another funeral with the lost of my son and the way I was disrespected as a greiving family member it was not possible for me to plan a funeral with people who coukd talk to a parent who just lost a child the way I was being talked to.

Paul was my 3rd funeral home I called and so glad I found them. Paul & Jared meet us outside as we where coming for our appointment to pick the details for my sons funeral. When they did, we were greeted with hugs. They walked us in and helped us with every detail. I will say I chose to write my own obituary for my son and go to the flower shop and pick out the flowers as well. He was so good and helped me with whatever I wanted to do fo honoring my son.

Paul's prices I will also say are way cheaper then the other funeral home 6 years that same month I buried my father using the other funeral home under a different name so I went into my sons with price in my head with affliction and knowing about what we did for my dad. I knew what I was looking at and where I would be price wise. When he gave me the price, I kindly said I think you made a mistake you better add it again. He did and then told me there is no mistake. I know what you are thinking. (He knew all about what going on in my head.) He told me these are his prices. He was cheaper 6 years later for as nice of a funeral if not nicer than my dad's cheaper. I wish I would have found Paul Dimon years ago.

He has called, texted to check up on me. He asks how I am. Sends cards for the holidays. Text on the holidays. I have never in my life saw any business person go to these lengths. I have been in business. The difference is its just not a business here it's a family. Once you have them for a funeral you are part of their family. Oh and I can't forget the Christmas program he puts on every year for the families of the people who have passed. You all just feel like family. I am forever greatful I came across these wonderful people I can't thank them enough. ❤️

Gina Boyer
March 29, 2024

Just a huge appreciation post to Dimon's 🙌❤️ if you haven't been in a situation where you needed to work with them, I promise you they are THE BEST. I can't begin to describe the grace and care they take with you. Paul Dimon and Jared Dimon are some of the most sympathetic and gentle people I've met and we can't thank you enough! They are truly the kind of people you want to be around in what is generally the worst days people face. The valley is so very lucky to have you!

Amanda Chappell
March 23, 2024

Paul made it very easy and explained everything as he talked to me. I would highly recommend their service anytime.

Carole Wagner
March 18, 2024

Once again Jared and Paul Dimon has showed me and my 4 legged friend so much kindness and compassion. Our local funeral home is always there for us not only for our human family but our 4 legged family as well. As sad as it is, Delilah went on her own terms. Big thank you, to Paul Dimon and his son Jared who also has shown great compassion and kindness.

Micah Watkins
February 12, 2024

Compassion, patience, and understanding. Paul and his team make the process as a simple as possible during a time that those dealing with loss have so much to process. I appreciate you all.

Zack Reinoehl
December 27, 2023

Paul Dimon and his family helped us give our dad the tribute we felt he deserved.
Every day, Dimon's is tasked with showing loving care to families they serve. And
yet, we felt special. From taking care of funeral items we knew nothing about to
making sure all our wishes were carried out and giving us support, not a detail or
emotion was left unattended. We can honestly say that we will remember the day
we said goodbye to our dad with fondness, as a fitting farewell for a long life lived.
Thank you, Dimon Funeral Home & Cremation Services.

Lee Houtz Family
December 14, 2023

Everything was great. Dimon Funeral Home made everything easier.

Pauline Bordner
November 20, 2023

Paul, Thank you so much for being there for my family in the passing of my sister, Lisa. You and your staff's kindness, respect and condolences were recognized by so many. Your sincerity and empathy made this process so much more manageable.

November 17, 2023

Losing a spouse or family member is overwhelming and traumatic for most of us. Looking after them is turned over to others .The Dimon Funeral Home cared for my husband as if he were part of Paul's own family. Their professionalism, empathy, and attention to detail gave comfort to us all, knowing he got the best. Thank you to Paul and your staff for your compassion and care for our loved one.

Elaine Null
November 14, 2023

Dimon Family was wonderful and caring. I would recommend to anyone.

Deb Murray and Family
October 5, 2023

Paul and Jared,
You certainly did not miss your calling in life. God bless you for all you do,
You are so caring and compassionate. I can't thank you enough for what you have done.
Sincerely, Bonnee Barry and Family

Bonnee Barry
July 21, 2023

Paul, your services were very helpful in our grieving process. Your love and support through this process was outstanding. We thank you from the bottom of out hearts.

Kathy Hoffman
June 26, 2023

Paul is a kind, caring, compassionate man who helped us have a beautiful service for our mom. From the moment he came to take her for her last car ride until he called to check in on us the day following her funeral, he was part of our family. He helped to make a difficult, emotional situation as easy as possible. The staff at Dimon is exceptional as well - they are all professionals and treat you with nothing but kindness and compassion. Thank you Paul, and staff, for taking great care of my mom so we could say our final goodbyes in a way that would make her happy and at peace.

Stephanie Rowe
June 20, 2023

Paul, you especially and family made one of the most difficult times in my life a little more bearable. You went above and beyond to make things easier for myself and our family. From day one, you were there for us. No words could express just how much I appreciate everything you have done and I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa Herring
March 13, 2023

Paul, thank you so much for providing such great service for my mom and large extended family. Your professionalism and compassion was felt deeply by my family. You have an ease about you that lets people know you have all the details covered and everything will be OK. Thank you again, the Bond family.

Mrs.Vicky Mitchell Paul,
November 23, 2022

Paul Dimon is in my opinion the best in this business.
He is not only professional and very knowledgeable but very caring about what is needed at such a difficult time as this. I would highly recommend Dimon Funeral Home to all that may need help in getting thru some really hard times. Thank you Paul for all you did when my family and I needed your help.You are a true blessing to this entire valley.

Charlie Wood
November 19, 2022


nona reedinger
May 30, 2022

Paul Dimon is a GREAT man. He helped me
so much with the loss of my daughter in
2017. I was an emotional wreck and Paul
made things as easy for me as possible.
The man has a heart of gold. Thanks Paul
for your compassion and help at the worst
time of my life.

Sandy Vitrano
January 19, 2022

Thank you Paul and Staff for going above and beyond for my Mom and our family. You made my Mom so comfortable during the planning of her own service and I'm forever grateful for that. Your empathy and understanding during this difficult time was beyond our expectations. You are a special person and your kindness just comes natural. Thank you for everything.

Pam L.
October 31, 2021

Paul is outstanding in time when it is needed most!

August 7, 2021

Paul is the most compassionate, caring, and helpful funeral director. He gets involved in every aspect of the service and goes above and beyond. Very understanding and always available. He has a heart of gold and treats you like family. His professionalism and knowledge made the passing of my mother bearable. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best care for their loved one during the most difficult time of your life.

August 6, 2021

During the most difficult time of my father's sudden passing, Paul was wonderful at helping us through everything, and went above and beyond our expectations. We would recommend him to everyone.

April 12, 2021

Paul Dimon is the most caring, helpful, and precise funeral home director. He gets involved with every aspect of planning a service and can recommend many different styles in the bereavement process. Always there for advice and understanding!

April 2, 2021

I would like to personally thank Paul, His compassion and professionalism completely made the passing of our beloved Matriarch Dolly Marr bearable. He went above and beyond for our family in complete care, love and support. He took the most difficult time for our family and made us smile and admiration for the love of her. We ordered the most BEAUTIFUL forever placement box for her and she will always be around watching over all of us! Thank you beyond Paul for the Amazing, Caring and unforgettable compassionate service. The Marr family is forever GRATEFUL.
Love Kelly & Brendan Marr, Joseph, Colleen & Brian, Alicia, Adam, VereLeah & Vincent, Christopher, Bailey, Linsey, Heather & Nicholas.

Kelly Renee Marr
February 1, 2021

Paul is more then a funeral director, his a kind and compassionate man. The night Gary passed away was hard, but with Paul's kind words about Gary and the way they would talk about how Gary took such great pride in his yard work made the boys and I feel even prouder then we could ever be of the father and husband we had to say good-bye to that evening. All our wisheswere fullifed with Gary's service. Thank you Paul & Family.

Jane Nye
January 15, 2021

Paul was one of the most caring, kindhearted people I've every met. He was flexible and accommodating in a very bad time. All my wishes were fulfilled. I had promised my husband a good send off and I know he would have been proud. Paul made this happen.

Linda Hatter
December 23, 2020

Paul is just the best there is. He makes everyone feel so comfortable when dealing with such hard decisions We have had Paul take care of our loved ones several times. He always shows his honest compassion. Thanks again Paul for such a wonderful service.

Greg Readinger
October 9, 2020

Paul made the entire level of service very helpful- personable with specific details that I did not think of. He is very caring and knowledgeable about details from beginning to end and beyond.

August 13, 2020

Wonderful- all went perfect. Paul Dimon is the best. He has a compassionate side to him that goes beyond what you could ask for. Very helpful and made decisions for me much easier.

Joanne S
August 13, 2020

Paul was very helpful and professional during this time, where we really needed it. Thank you so much.

Jean & Family
August 13, 2020

Our experience was FIVE STARS! Paul Dimon is a complete professional.

August 13, 2020

Mr. Dimon was wonderful and caring in so many ways.When my loved one died unexpectedly, I could not imagine someone being as caring and comforting as he is.

August 13, 2020

My family and I would absolutely recommend Paul in their time of need. Paul went above and beyond our expectation for our loved one's funeral. The celebration of life service was very comforting to our family for our first holidays after losing our loved ones. Paul also directed us to the monument company to order the monument for the gravesite, which was very easy. Thank you Paul, Anne Maire + family.

Aaron T
August 13, 2020

Paul is kind and caring. He helped me get things in order when my uncle passed away last year. I told him what I wanted for my uncle and that is what he did. This year he was there for me when my mom passed away. He did everything to make sure my mom had exactly what she wanted when she passed away. There is no one that can compare to Dimon Funeral Home.

Ann Shutt
August 12, 2020

Thank yuo for all your hard work in your TLC with our mother. You all have been so loving in every call and questions.. I will pass you along to anyone we know that may have a need for your services. You all are in our prayers. Thank you..

Donnie and Debora
June 10, 2020

I would not have been able to do or think about everything that needed to be done without Paul's help. I never had to plan a funeral before, but Paul made it as easy as possible. He sure did go above and beyond with all that had to be done. He took a lot of the burden off of me.

June 7, 2020

Paul is wonderful !! He went above and beyond for myself and my family many times. He helped us through the hardest thing we have ever been through and he did it with such compassion. He paid attention to every detail and made sure everything was taken care of. He called more than once just to make sure I was doing ok.

Suzette Pickup
April 21, 2020

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you gave our family for the arrangements of James. You showed such compassion. James is no longer with us, but always remain in our hears forever. Once again Paul, THANK YOU for all your help, also your staff

The Wtkowski Famiy
March 3, 2020

We want to thank you Paul, You were so helpful in our time of sorrow, you went out of your way to help us ,We will be always thankful , You made it easier for us, Thank you, Jean Shoffler & girls

Jean Shoffler
February 28, 2020

Paul, We can't thank you enough for the special are you took for Mom's funeral arrangements. I has been so difficult to deal with this, but you made it very easy. My mom thought the world of you.. Thank you....

The Kovakski, Lytle and Lansen Families
February 18, 2020

`I am trying to think of the right works to let you know how grateful and pleased we are of the compassion and love you showed us in our time of sorrow. You were so caring and helpful in so many ways including food, social seurity, insurances and pensions. We will forever be indebted to you! A thousand thank yous to you and your family.

October 24, 2019

Paul went above and beyond to help all of the family at this most difficult time. He was supportive,kind, considerate --- Could not have ask for anything else. Paul made a hard situation so much easier.. THANK YOU.

Moyer family
October 7, 2019

To Paul Dimon and family: Thank you so much for the loving, compassionate care following the death of our sister, Jacqueline C. Carl. You did such a beautiful job in carryout our families wishes. Everything went so nicely because of your expertise and your courteous and caring nature. Our sister, Jackie, died with dignity and a smile on her face. She would have been proud. You always go that extra mile in trying to accommodate the families. This is the second time we entrusted the services of Paul Dimon. Our Mother passed away almost seven years ago and we experienced the same positive results. Thank you. August 23, 2019.

The Family of Jacqueline C. Carl
August 23, 2019

Thank you very much for your compassion and caring after our fathers passing. We could not have asked for anything better. THANK YOU..

Freeman family
March 14, 2019

The gratitude I have for Paul is immeasurable! He took the most difficult time in my family's life and gently guided us through. Paul was always there to answer any one of my million questions and with reverence. Paul and Anne Marie, thank you for all you have done. From the start to the end.

March 5, 2019

Dear Paul, family & staff,
It was clear at the Celebration of Life Service 2018, how much you are trusted and loved in the small towns and communities that surround Tower City and are served by Dimon Funeral Home.
We are very glad we chose you to take care of our loved one.
You truly are a compassionate and caring person, and we know you were emotionally engaged with genuine feelings of sorrow and joy.
Sincere thanks for all you do.

December 7, 2018

You are a credit to your profession and you made a difficult time very easy and stress free for me. THANK YOU..

October 23, 2018

Paul is more like an extended member of our family.He has laid to rest many members of our family.In a caring,loving way,with the interests of the surviving members .Thank you Paul

Edward Klinger
July 17, 2018

I called upon Paul in the earliest of hours and in the most inclement weather and he was there. It takes a special person to do what he does so humbly. Without a doubt I was comforted with all the arrangements we had made. Thank you Paul!

Tim Wynn
April 4, 2018

You bring such comfort at a time when it is needed the most and for this we are very grateful

Barry Family
April 6, 2016

You certainly met our needs - with dignity, compassion and humor. Your are our friend! Thank you for everything you have made our sorrow less painful.

March 16, 2016

I can never say thank you enough times for all you did for AJ and I when Josh died. Your loving and caring ways got us through a very difficult time. Then last year when my mom died you were there again for us with the same caring and making every detail perfect. You are a great person.

Joanne Adams
January 11, 2016

Paul D. Is a one of a kind, he is a angel put here to do this job. There is no one anywhere who is better. He is so caring, and he means it right from the heart. He made his mother very proud.

Jill Brown
October 28, 2015

Paul must be one of the most Wonderful, Caring, Most Sympathetic people I have ever met. He has made us feel more like family than anyone could possibly do. God Bless You and keep you healthy for many years to come, because so many people will be needing your kind words and warm hugs in the future!

Cathy Schwak Dubosky
October 12, 2015

Without a doubt the best funeral home in the area. When my brother died Paul could not do enough for my parents and our entire family. Thank you Paul, for making my brother looks so good. He goes above and beyond

August 25, 2015

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